Maria Feng

Dec 2017

Professor Feng was a great Structural Analysis Professor. While class material especially in the beginning is mostly a breeze, she too keeps the material straightfoward and clear. Most people tended to complain on her clarity but if you actually pay attention, you'll likely agree that she a great teacher. Tests on fundamentals rather than tedious calcs like some other Professors. Very nice to her students in class and in person and very nice curve.

Dec 2014

This course was one of the worst courses I've taken at Columbia thus far. That being said, it is mandatory for several engineering tracks, so you might just have to muddle through. If possible, take it with a different professor. Professor Feng made the course much more complicated than it needed to be. Professor Feng would consistently mislabel variables and make other problematic errors during lecture. When students would point out these mistakes, she would often stare at the board for several minutes in utter confusion. Sometimes, she would just glaze over the mistake and quickly move on to the next example. Professor Feng also spends very little time explaining the fundamental material and instead spends a majority of each class going through examples. The lecture quality was so poor that attendance dropped sharply after the first few weeks of class.

Dec 2013

This professor is very nice and well intentioned, but a terrible teacher. I (along with most of my friends) stopped going to her class after the first midterm. When she solves a practice problem, she will mislabel a certain variable, plug a wrong value, or write a wrong formula, then a student will raise their hand to correct her. When she calls on her student, they explain the mistake to her in a perfectly logical manner, then Feng will say how that explanation is wrong and proceed to attempt to solve the problem. Feng will then suddenly realize her mistake, spend a few minutes thinking to herself about what went wrong, and then make the correction the student correctly pointed out 5 minutes earlier. Episodes like this make the class soooo frustrating. Her lectures are largely unhelpful. I hear a different professor teaches this class in the spring, but I also hear since he is actually good at teaching, he makes the material a bit harder. Choose your poison.