Jason Thomas Fitzgerald

Jul 2017

This is coming from a SEAS person who didn't read or write before this class: Jason was overall a great CC professor! He was extremely prepared for every class - he read students' responses to the reading before class and incorporated those into discussion; he knew where all the quotes were at all times and if he didn't know the answer to something right away he always followed up in the next class. His style of teaching was all discussion based - no lectures. He would give an introduction to the reading in the beginning of class and then open up the floor for discussion in which he participated just like the rest of the students. He never imposed his opinions and always heard everyone out. He also replaced some of the texts on the syllabus with more 'progressive' texts - feminist authors, readings about race struggles, different religions, etc. He was also very open to discussing current political events in relation to the readings (we spent half the class on the recent election - not fighting, but trying to connect it to some of the readings) Workload wise: Discussion posts: very short and pretty easy - 150-250 words Essays: two essay - any topic but he gave a list of prompts to help us. All the essays had to compare two or more texts. Midterm: a few easy questions (had to answer 1 or 2 out of 3) - just facts or definitions, passage IDs (also like 4 out of 12) - had to know dates and connect each passage to other texts - not tricky aka nothing we haven't talked about in class Final: similar to midterm plus two essays (choice of topics, cumulative and broad)

Dec 2013

This is just a regular University Writing class in its form, but the professor is terrible. His grading is really tough. To him "getting a B is actually a good grade" So don't expect to get an A if you don't work like crazy. You already have to work hard for a B. It's really unfair, especially when you compare it to other University Writing professors who grade much more nicely. DO NOT take this class, this guy thinks that University Writing should be the focus of your life.. I don't know what is up with his expectations, but seriously, he should tone it down a little. We're not all professional writers that plan on taking creative writing classes...