Jaime A Green

May 2016

Jaime clearly is inexperienced with teaching. She comes into the classroom, (1) writes down shit the class did last time, (2) tells us to write the goddamned focused freewrites, and (3) lectures for the rest of the class without giving time in class for work on the essays. So glad I am finished with this class. If you want a professor who rewards you for shit like going to the writing center, feel free to take her class, but her grading is hard af.

Aug 2014

I am surprised that, as a SEAS student, I can honestly say that Jaime's University Writing class was my favorite class this past semester, despite having two other teachers that are practically gods in the ieor and economics departments. Jaime's workload appears to be standard for University Writing, apart from the fact that you have to turn in a source packet (stapled print outs of all of your sources with quotes highlighted) for your research paper. So as far as workload is concerned, nothing out of the ordinary here. What is out of the ordinary however is Jamie's commitment to her students. Yes, you will put a lot of hours into this class, but I have no doubt that Jamie put even more work into this class than we did. We would get detailed feedback on all drafts, and she would be willing to meet with you at any point in the writing process. In these meetings, she was extremely helpful in guiding you towards new angles of approach without actually telling you what to do. It seemed like teamwork to me: she would give some options, I'd take one of the further, and we'd repeat until we felt like we had made a strong progressive argument. The detail with which she reads your exercises and drafts is apparent in the issues she finds in your papers, and the result of such close comments is a hugely improved final product. I can honestly say some of my best writing occurred in the class, almost solely thanks to Jaime. In the classroom, Jaime is always excited, engaged, and ready to go. She did her best to warn us ahead of time when weeks would get rough, and ask us when other midterms were to try and avoid killing us in her class simultaneously. She was also very easy to relate to; she even explained doge to us on the last day of class. As mentioned by the previous reviewer, Jaime is a tough grader, but extremely fair and clear (NOTE: Even though she is "tough", it is most definitely possible to earn an A range grade in her class). I never questioned why I received a grade on any given paper because her comments in explaining strengths and weaknesses of the paper were extremely thorough. Jaime also remembered all your essays and would use mistakes made and strengths learned in previous essays when working on current ones, something I was pleasantly surprised with. Overall, if you are willing to put in the work for Jaime's class, it is going to be an extremely rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

May 2014

Jaime Green is awesome. Even being a grad student, she is probably better at teaching writing than some Columbia professors. She made everything clear and had a ton of writing and revising exercises to help us, even giving us tips from her personal experiences with writing. She was consistently bright and bubbly and always kept class interesting, even though it was late at night and all of us were tired by the time we got there. She also took a personal interest in everyone and the development of everyone’s writing and could remember what all of our paper topics were even weeks after she’d graded them. We were all at different levels of writing skill coming into the class, but she managed to make the class applicable and helpful to all of us. She was also incredibly helpful during office hours. She would help me think through my ideas for essays and also help my edit them, so even if meeting with her for a paper wasn’t required, it was really great to take advantage of her office hours. Jaime's grading wasn't easy but it was always fair, and you could always learn something from the grade and comments you got on each paper. I would recommend taking Jaime's section to anyone taking University Writing.