Mana Kia

Jun 2020

In retrospect, taking this course to fulfill global core req was not a great idea. Professor Kia is a relatively harsh grader. I found her style of teaching somewhat intimidating. Received very little support from her outside of class in the way of navigating writing assignments. Unless you deeply care about the subject, do not take this class. For the final, we had a timed take-home which consisted of 3 different essays. To be fair to Professor Kia, the essays were marginally outlined beforehand. I ended up with an A-.

Jan 2018

Professor Kia very clearly knows what she's talking about, and has a deep knowledge of the subject. However, she's is one of the most dull lecturers I've ever had, and the course was really dense. If it weren't for my TA, I have no idea how I would have done as well as I did in her course.