Alex Phu Dang

Jan 2015

Alex is easily one of the best math TA's I've had. He's quick to reply to emails, holds very helpful review sessions, and is eloquent in his explanations. Although Bayer provides a handful of past exams in addition to a practice exam and homework which are all similar to the midterms, Alex's practice exams are usually much more challenging than the actual exams and push your understanding of the material. This is extremely helpful especially when Bayer decides to change up a few problems in the exam, which often trips up students who simply memorize patterns and formulas. Overall a very approachable TA!

Dec 2013

I haven't been to office hours, but I have asked Alex questions via email. He is very helpful and detailed in his explanations of concepts (sometimes, he responds within minutes of receiving the email). His answers to homework problems are also very helpful too - they are very detailed and step-by-step solutions. He even created a study guide and review questions about a week before the calculus final (versus other TAs from other calculus classes, who usually only grade homework). Overall, an excellent TA.