Ayala Levin

Dec 2013

Ayala is knowledgable, engaging, and kind. She is hugely enthusiastic about Art Hum and the material we were studying, and that enthusiasm for the subject matter really rubbed off on me. While I had never taken another art history class, I really came out of art hum feeling like I knew a lot about the subject. She gives effective feedback on papers, grades fairly, and leads good discussions. Beware, she's not afraid to call on you out of the blue if you look like you're dozing off! The workload wasn't too bad. There are short-ish readings for most classes, although you can get away with skimming most of them. There are three papers that build on one another based on a painting that you actually go and see at the Met. The midterm and final were pretty easy. There's also a tour of the MoMA and St John the Divine—Ayala led our MoMA tour and it was clear she really knew what she was talking about. And there's an informal group presentation at the end of the semester. Overall, if you have the chance, take art hum with Ayala!