Guangtian Ha

Jan 2014

Professor Chatterjee is brilliant and a fantastic lecturer. The readings could be at times a bit dense, but Prof Chatterjee coherently explains the material in his lectures. He relies heavily on powerpoint in class, which are extremely helpful in writing your weekly response paper. The in-class midterm is very easy if you attend the lectures. The take-home final is 50% of the grade which is a little nerve-racking, but it is pretty straight forward--choose two essay questions (1200words each) out of five. His grading is also a bit deflated (e.g. A+=100-98, A=97-95, A-=94-92, etc.), but staying in the A-range isn't very difficult. TA Guangtian Hs is an angel. He's approachable, coherent, and really wants everyone in the class to do well. His sections before the midterm and final are especially helpful. Overall, great class, great professor, great TA!