Illan Gonen

Mar 2019

Illan is the man! I started liking him from the first day when he said that we have to address him by his first name, which I believe shows his mutual respect towards the students. In general, he is a very good teacher and knows how to teach a language. I can honestly say that this is my favorite class overall at Columbia and Illan is my favorite professor. The classes are MTWR and are about 1 hour. The material is not difficult as Hebrew is not that difficult in my opinion.

Dec 2017

Ilan Gonnen is a great teacher!!!! Hebrew for Heritage Speakers — if you have any background of Hebrew whatsoever- this is a great course for you! It’s really doable, the only annoying part is that 4 days a week. But I think it’s worth it. Quiz every other week, and final at the end. Really not so bad

Feb 2014

Illan is enthusiastic, intelligent, smart, funny, and patient. He teaches 1st and 2nd Year Hebrews I and II. He's laid back, which allows the students to develop camaraderie with him and each other. He has a huge bank of knowledge about Semitic languages and linguistics in general, and he incorporates his knowledge into lessons. He is always good-natured and willing to meet with students outside of class. He wants nothing more than for his students to succeed, and it shows. He prioritizes the needs of the class before any others, and still manages to teach material thoroughly. He seems to truly love to teach, which makes his class all the more enjoyable. He wants to share his knowledge, and he wants his students to appreciate it and to love learning it. I could not recommend Illan more.