Francesco Lotti

Aug 2014

He is extremely nice, but class was very boring. I could barley keep my eyes open even when i had gotten 9-10 hours of sleep the night before. His grading on the homework is pretty harsh. He uses a check minus, check and check plus system and its basically like impossible to get a check plus. out of the like 10 homeworks you'll probably get 1 or 2 check plus' but if you make more than 3 mistakes on the homework you get a check minus. His grading on the midterm is also pretty sure, it seems like he didn't believe in partial credit, so I did pretty poorly on it. You should try to go to his office hours because he is somewhat helpful on the homework but mostly it's important for him to see that you are trying. I did better than I thought I would in the class, so I think he is considerate when giving final grades.