Adam Winters

May 2018

I really dreaded uwriting after hearing about the dull work that people had to do, especially as a part of the engineering school. Adam Winters is actually a fun and helpful professor who I would recommend to take! He is always available to assist with editing your essays and provides a lot of feedback and insight if you ask. My class was at 8:40 so most people wouldn't show up or didn't participate, which he didn't mind as he would speak for most of the class to make up for the silence - however, participation does factor into your essay grades so you should still participate and ask for help. He has weekly readings and assignments that aren't graded, so you don't have to put in a lot of effort into them, but it does help to do them if you do

Dec 2016

Adam is a fantastic UW professor. Engaging during class, approachable after class, and his comments are usually helpful and constructive. Initially, I was worried the Sustainable Development section would be a preachy liberal shit-fest, but I turned out to be wrong (about Adam at least). The readings were engaging and varied to the point it didn't feel like we were covering the same thing all semester. Workload is similar to most other UW classes, but luckily the readings are typically short and don't include literature by anybody who died over two centuries ago. He is also a fair grader and will not hesitate to help struggling students. ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT! Take Adam's section of UW, you won't regret it. P.S. If you regret it, you're probably just a really shitty writer who ignored his comments.

Jan 2014

Adam is a great UWriting professor. His classes are interesting and he manages to provoke good discussion (despite the 8:40am class time). I had him for the Sustainable Development themed section, and he really knows his stuff (I guess his background in biology plays a role in this too), and in the process of doing all his readings and exercises I learned quite a bit about both the theoretical and practical sides of Sustainable Development. I'd highly recommend his class for students interested in sust dev. In terms of writing, this class really made me think. Adam requires you develop detailed, advanced, non-trivial, and very well thought out essays. Although at times frustrating, the class will no doubt make you a better thinker and writer. I thought the workload was intense but largely manageable. He gives a couple readings and a written exercise (about 1-2 pages) per class, which ultimately will help you for the essay. He's also a fair grader, but expect to get lower grades than you did in high school. His comments on your drafts and essays are long, detailed, and so so helpful. I also highly recommend going to a lot of his office hours, because he has great suggestions and comments. Talking about your essay ideas will definitely help! Moral of the story: take Adam's class!