Sarah Thomas

May 2014

Sarah Thomas was a rock star this semester, and I feel like I came out of the class a better writer. While her class is not a "themed" UWriting section, expect readings to be heavy on race, racism, race relations, etc. Many of us were put off at first by her asking us to call her "Miss Thomas." She's under 30, so we thought that was a bit too formal and were expecting strictness as a result. She definitely had a rigid structure to class and expected strong participation from each student. Class discussion was often very, very interesting, and we were able to talk about some heavy topics in a safe environment and freely express out opinions. The writings progressions themselves were a bear, especially the P3 research. Miss Thomas's comments were thorough and helpful on formal drafts, and personal conferences were usually very helpful as well. Miss Thomas is an MFA student and budding writer herself, so at the very least she understands the struggle of being a student. I grew close personally to Miss Thomas and overall had an awesome time in her class. Class was highly engaging, and the different forms of writing we did helped me to expand my writing ability- I'm not longer restricted to a simple x-paragraph essay- writing became more of an art form. I would highly recommend Miss Thomas!