Katherine Ann Allen

Apr 2014

Keeping in mind that FroSci is a waste of time regardless of your teacher, she does a great job of trying to make the class exciting. Despite these good intentions most people don't come into class expecting to put effort in so the discussions are usually painfully quiet and awkward. She really cares about the subject material, which can be disheartening if you're looking for a blow-off section. She actually grades the homework (reason enough never to take her class) and expects you to prepare outside of seminar a few times. She really is a helpful and kind person assigned to teach a bullshit class. I honestly hated the seminars. She would find ways to fill the whole time unnecessarily (some teachers let you out early) and actually try to facilitate a real class environment which is more annoying than necessary. My advice is find a teacher who doesn't give a shit (because you won't) and take his/her section instead.