Vivek Pal

Dec 2017

Vivek Pal is the best math professor I've ever had (seriously). He cares so much about his students and really wants you to truly understand the material. He is super organized in all his lectures and actively encourages questions during class. He's also just such a sweet person, and was always willing to meet with me in & out of scheduled office hours. The individual exams were sometimes curved a little bit, and he curves the whole class at the end. His grading is fair. If you need to take calc 2, take it with Vivek!

Sep 2016

Vivek is one of the best Math Professors at Columbia I have encountered so far. His lectures are very clear, and he could explain the hard concepts in a relative easy way. Usually, when I take math classes at Columbia, I have to watch other videos or do extra problem sets to understand the material well, and I believe many other students do the same thing. But if you take Vivek's class and pay attention during lectures, you won't freak out and seeking somebody else for help. Taking Vivek's class is a big saving of time, and I really appreciate all his help! Tips for taking his class: His lecture notes and homework problems are crucial. I always review 2/3 times of his lecture notes and practice the homework problems twice. Such practice would help you getting familiar with all concepts he taught in class, and would guarantee your success in exams as well.

May 2014

By far the best professor I've had at Columbia. He cares so much about his students actually learning. He's always super helpful, reasonable, and encouraging. If you ever have a conflict with where you can't make it to one of the quizzes and want to make it up, he'll tell you not to worry about it. If you ask for an extra day to do the homework, he'll give you a week. AND he gives full days of class time for midterm & final review. I really hope he continues to teach after his graduate studies, because he has a true talent and passion for teaching. I am never a fan of waking up for 8:40 classes, but Vivek Pal makes this completely worth. He is the only professor you should take Calc II with.