Aleksandar Boskovic

May 2014

Probably the most enjoyable class I've ever taken at Columbia. Professor Boskovic is a star. His enthusiasm for the language and culture is infectious and I honestly looked forward to coming to class, even on fridays. The language is quite difficult, especially for native English speakers with little to no prior exposure to Slavic languages. However, professor Boskovic is very aware of this and is very willing to help in any way that he can. The pace of the class was more or less tailored to our needs as a group. If we were struggling with a concept, professor Boskovic adjusted the syllabus accordingly and spent more time on it. As far as the workload goes, we had homework exercises due pretty much every class and bi-weekly exams. Sounds like a lot, but was really very do-able. As with most language classes, Serbo-Croatian requires a certain level of commitment and a knack for memorization in order to really do well. For anyone with an interest in the language who prepared to work hard, I highly recommend this class.