Sarah B. Muir

May 2014

The class is basically about the history and application of various ideas of "corruption." Professor Muir is THE BEST. So, I will keep this short and sweet. She knows her shit and expects you to know yours. DO show up for lecture. It counts for 20% of your grade, plus Muir will make you fall in love with the material. Trust me. DO the reading, or you will look stupid in class. DO NOT ask "is this corruption"? She gives the essay questions for exams about a week in advance so you have time to prepare. DO NOT take that time for granted. You need it because you will fumble if you try to write multiple complex essays in an hour. My only caveat is if you are unsure of your major, she absolutely will make you question it based on how amazing Muir makes the subject sound in class. She is unapologetic about her passion for the subject and the fact that she wants it to rub off on her students, even if it means a change in major.