Thomas Fogg

Jan 2021

Very decent professor. Classroom style: He tends to lecture more than host discussions with students, but this isn't a bad thing at all. I wanted a professor who I could learn from, but wasn't overwhelming vis-a-vis coursework + didn't force participation. Tom was exactly this type of professor. Overall, music Hum w/ Tom is an easy A so long as you complete what you have to complete. He's straightforward, not a harsh grader, and not pretentious at all.

Sep 2020

He has the flattest affect of anyone I've ever met. I've barely even seen his facial expression change when he's instructing- the only sign of life seems to be moving his head or something when we're all listening to a piece together. Listening seems to be the main part of the class, he didn't convey how to understand or identify music to those with untrained ears and seemed miffed every time most of the class would misidentify a song. Music Hum is not the most exciting curriculum, but he manages to make it even duller and obfuscate students' ability to understand.

Jan 2015

Professor Fogg is very approachable. He truly means well and will help in any possible capacity. He appears to be a man of infinite patience; a necessary virtue in anyone that listens to music created before the 20th century. It's also not a virtue many people have in spades, so yes, his class certainly felt boring. I personally enjoyed it, but I'll never forget the walls of silence in that room. I suspect a combination of inexperience (from both teacher and student) and brutal heat were the cause. This was a summer course, and to be fair, it was hard to hear over that AC. So off it remained. There was a 5 minute presentation you had to complete about a piece of your choosing, at a time of your scheduling. The midterm and final were challenging. Roughly a third of the grade was based on your ability to listen to a piece and identify its period, composer, and title. Definitely not something you can wing. You also had to attend a performance by any artist and write a 5-page review using your newfound knowledge. I had fun with that. You could pretty much see whoever you wanted as long as you had something to write about. Honestly, Music Humanities isn't very enthralling subject matter, unless you're already into it. I can only see Professor Fogg improving with time, assuming he continues teaching. Some of the material was tedious, but overall, it wasn't a difficult course. And I did well. And I even remember some of the material. And that's what it's all about.

Jul 2014

First off, Thomas is a nice guy. However, he could use quite a bit of improvement as an instructor. The class was slow and his teaching style monotonous. The listening in class seemed to be offering enjoyment for him, with almost an apathy for the class. Admittedly, Thomas did not make the course syllabus, and I recognize how structured a class like music/hum is. If this class is supposed to create an appreciation for the masterpieces of western music, it is an utter failure. The class was torturously boring, and for me, a waste of time that could've been spent learning something I, and my fellow students, are more passionate about. Thomas continually turned off the air conditioning (often during 80+ weather) as he felt it interfered with our listening. This was incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable.