Katharine McIntyre

Jul 2011

Professor McIntyre is an intelligent, patient and dedicated professor who teaches Logic with enthusiasm. When we moved on from Sentential Logic to Predicate Logic, she tells us: “You should all be very exited about this, now you can write real sentences.” She takes the time to tell you why a concept is important from a philosophical point of view and doesn’t focus on Logic from a “mathematical” perspective – something I valued as a math-phobic student. She treats everyone with respect, is willing to answer any question, and makes herself available to every student. She even offers extended office hours before exams. If you “don’t get it,” all you have to do is ask – and she’ll explain things until you do understand. She really cares about her students. I would recommend taking this class during the Fall/Spring semesters – or perhaps during a longer summer session. I found it difficult to keep up with the pace of the six-week summer session.