Aviva Vivette Ancona

Aug 2014

She is old. Period. By old I mean she was probably on a boat with Columbus when he first discovered America—completely old-school. She's the type of teacher that could struggle with microsoft powerpoint for almost 20 minutes while being oblivious to whatever's going on in the classroom. She makes exams completely numerically tedious. By that I mean she fails to make nice numbers on the exam, so students end up having to punch in 8 decimal numbers just to get an answer. Most students can't finish the exam because someone doesn't know how to make nicer exams. She completely reads off slides word for word. One plus side to this is that she doesn't expect you to know anything from the book—only the stuff on her slides. She stops frequently for questions while being unperceptive to the fact that more than half of the class is either comatose or completely clueless. She tried very hard to keep class entertained by completely reading off from slides in a fruitless attempt to save time each class for kids to deliver their findings on news items. These presentations count towards the class participation points but most kids just eff it. She is responsive to emails and that being said, should be the main tool of communication between students and her since she doesn't have time to answer questions after class. She is a stickler to the rules and refuses to give extensions for problem sets which she gives 3 days for students to complete. Finance is a field that is somewhat counterintuitive and judging by her style of teaching, or lack thereof, I would strongly advise against taking a class with her. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate her a 2.1, as in take this class if you want to suffer pain equivalent to having tiny splinters in between your toes for the rest of your life.