Eric Matheis

May 2021

Eric est fantastique! If you have the chance to take Eric's class, take it. He is very sweet, outgoing, and super passionate. He wants everyone to succeed, and will offer extra time outside of class to help you learn the language. Of the dozens of professors I've had so far at Columbia, Eric stands out as one of the best and most caring. There's no one I would've rather taken a French class with!

Sep 2015

Professor Matheis was very passionate about French, and made it fun to learn. I loved the way he explained the grammar and answered detailed questions about it, and the detailed comments on the papers. I think I started thinking in French!

Dec 2014

I had a great semester with Prof Matheis. He taught clearly and patiently and leaves thoughtful comments on your tests and compositions. Yes, he speaks the majority of times in French but that's the way you learn. He is also a super nice guy and very reasonable with attendance, grading, etc. He includes poems, songs, etc. to make courses more interesting and culturally relevant. I was a complete beginner when I started and now am able to hold a (really) basic conversation. I'd recommend him for FREN 1101

Sep 2014

I entered class on the first day not knowing any french, and i was told that the course would be a "emersion" learning experience. It was basically a class where he spoke to us as though we know french and had been speaking it our entire lives. He spoke too fast and didn't take time to stop and clarify himself. When it came to quizs, he didn't put what he said he would on the quiz and instead put everything he told us not to worry about learning. I do not recommend him as a professor unless you were placed in Elementary French and already have an extensive background in the language.