Campbell Johnston Birch

Jun 2016

Professor Birch is an overall very good professor. The readings - personally, I found almost all to be very interesting. The ones I didn't find interesting I simply didn't write about. Discussions - Campbell is a fantastic discussion leader. He's smart, calculated, and somehow manages to listen to every single comment. I really enjoyed the discussion. The discussions were rarely about with the actual process of writing, but rather about the merits of the reading. Grading - While I believe that the UW bias exists in this class as well, and people are somewhat labeled for their grade, at least half of the class got A/A-. He's not a harsh grader at all, he's very critical and had great, really in-depth remarks. Campbell is very accessible whether through emails, meetings, after class or OH. I believe that you can greatly improve your writing if you take advantage of all of this.

May 2015

I agree with everything in that last review. Not everyone has such a reasonable UWriting experience! Some teachers are really nasty. Apparently the instructors get to decide which articles their class will read, and I thought the articles that Campbell picked were pretty interesting. I actually read them! He understands what UWriting is, and doesn't make it painful. I talked to him a few times outside of class and he had pretty interesting things to say, he definitely has a lot of (chill) character. Also a nice accent. Definitely worth the 8:40 timeslot.

Oct 2014

If Campbell continues to teach Uwriting, whoever gets him should consider themselves lucky. Campbell is a PhD candidate in the English department of the Graduate School of Arts and Science and from Auckland, New Zealand. He is witty, funny and probably one of the more helpful professors/TAs I've encountered since I've gotten to Columbia. He is really understanding about anything that you talk with him about, extremely lenient in regards to being in class on time (8:40-9:55 is a nightmare), and super reachable in his office hours/email. He has made Uwriting significantly less worse than all the hellish things you might've heard about. He seems to be a decent grader too!