Andrew Bossie

Nov 2014

He doesn't really know what he is doing. He seems like he has never taught an Intro Econ course before, and he was terrible at explaining micro concepts. He is much better at teaching macro, as that is his specialty. He goes off on tangents all the time and spends way too long on simple concepts and then breezes over more complicated ones. I know this was his first semester teaching this class at Barnard, so hopefully he will get better. I say stay away until he figures out how to teach this class more effectively. On a side note, this is a really easy class if you already know Econ but the school wouldn't take your AP credit so you have to take it again.

Oct 2014

I am currently in his introduction to economic principles course, the midterm is coming up next week. Very easily the WORST teacher I have ever had. It is painful to pay attention in class, he explains concepts in roundabout, borderline incorrect ways and, at times, I am unsure of whether or not he understands basic economic principles himself. He often switches around the supply and demand curves. He uses power points very superficially, in a very unhelpful way. I was planning on being an econ major, but Professor Bossie have have convinced me otherwise. The homework is always waayyy too hard for what has been taught in class. You can do it by searching concepts online.