Sonam Singh

Dec 2017

Sonam is an amazing professor. He made lots of time to meet with everyone in the class to help with papers and understanding course material. He is funny, informative, and he pushed us to think critically and examine texts from a feminist perspective.

Dec 2017

Sonam is an amazing human being and teacher! You definitely have to get used to the way he speaks (a little condescending and never holds back), but if you don't take him too seriously (which he doesn't either) then he's really funny and awesome. He has lots of really critical, interesting things to say about anything he speaks about--Barnard, Columbia, Butler, western culture, the patriarchy, racism. Beyond how amazing and funny he is as a person, I learned so much from this class as a writing seminar. He teaches about transitions, citations, introductions, and general structure of essays in a way that means you can use his instructions for any class. He explains how to use Butler, borrow direct, CLIO--it's truly so helpful. He is so smart, so fun. I don't know how much I can stress how great this class was on so many levels. It really was the most enjoyable class of my semester. Also!! He is always available to schedule meetings--my friend scheduled like 3 every week for a while cause she was so worried about an essay. He also offers to help with essays from your other classes!! I loved this class SO MUCH; it's making me sad writing this because I'm realizing its over. He is so lovely.

Nov 2017

He's funny and I learned a lot. Takes way too long to grade though.

Dec 2016

This class was the worst part of my semester. The material itself was enjoyable, but Professor Singh's instruction was terrible. To start, he would not grade or read our essays until a scheduled 30 minute meeting, usually around a month after we would hand our papers in. I would sit down for our meeting, he would struggle to find my paper, and ask me if I had actually handed it in. Once he found it, he would take 5-10 minutes to read my paper (for the first time) in complete silence, write a grade on the last page, then would not let me look at it until the end of our meeting. He, several times, gave me formatting corrections that directly went against MLA style, which he was adamant I adhere to. He only reads the sections of the books we read in class so he has no context for the passages other than what he can garner from a skim of Sparknotes and what he remembers from high school. Avoid this professor if possible. His instructions are confusing and counterintuitive, his expectations are unclear and constantly wavering, and his teaching is unenthused and uninformed. Avoid avoid avoid.

Sep 2015

Enthusiastic professor that really made me appreciate Greek/Roman history more. Unlike what the other person said I don't think he's pompous about having gone to Cornell at all, when he talks about it he seems more self-deprecating or ironic in a way. Although he does take a while to get papers back he is very accessible via email and after class usually. A lot of the class is reading old white men books, but it was an overall nice experience to take the class.

Aug 2015

AVOID THIS PROFESSOR IF POSSIBLE. His lectures were terribly boring, he never actually grades our papers, holds meetings at random times and only when you remind him, and he is extremely condescending. I had to make my papers 'interesting' or else I wouldn't get a good grade. He likes when you think out of the box - meaning completely unfounded utterly ridiculous fluff based on nothing. I couldn't avoid it because first year professors are random assignments, but if he ever starts teaching other classes here, AVOID. Oh, and he loves mentioning how he went to a much more superior institution than Columbia: Cornell.

Jul 2015

Eh, okay professor. Should provide a better introduction to the texts we read and moderate discussions better. Also: is he gay? Kind of mysterious. The discussions were poorly moderated and monopolized by those who just wanted to pontificate. I wonder if there's a pedagogical intent in not getting our papers back to us on time; I think maybe he likes to play mind games with us. Overall decent though. Enjoyed it more than I didn't. Learned a lot. Have a good appreciation for greek history now. Took in Fall.

May 2015

The class was difficult to follow because of my weak foundation in Greek/Roman literature. However, he was a pleasant enough individual. He occasionally goes a little off topic and I think that discussions could be facilitated a little better, but he does do a good job at teaching the class. He's respectable and kind, for the most part. I didn't like the readings, but he did a good job at sparking interest in the texts by framing discussions with historical context at the beginning of some classes. He also has a strong personality---in a good way, and is brilliant. I would take another class with him, but he's apparently not teaching any classes but fye/fys classes? 9/10 reccomend.

Nov 2014

I should probably preface this by saying that this class was not on my list of preferred courses, so I already had some bias going in, but Professor Singh's class was a very frustrating experience. In the beginning of class we would waste so much time looking up somewhat-but-not-really relevant things online, allowing very little room to discuss the readings. I don't feel like I learned much from this class and I can't say that I enjoyed it. There wasn't much of a facilitated discussion, and I didn't feel like Professor Singh provided the necessary groundwork or questions to get discussions going. Yes, I'm walking out of this class with the ability to now say that I've read many famous Greek and Roman works, but not much else. Professor Singh is a nice enough person and definitely entertaining at times, but his class left much to be desired.

Nov 2014

Took him for FYE Legacy of the Mediterranean. Reasonable expectations and is relatively understanding. He's extremely smart, kind of intimidating,and slightly sardonic, but he's a pleasure to have class with. Though, he's not pompous, and he didn't make a point to pontificate about abstract concepts that come up in the reading(unlike some of our more educated class members) Not exactly good with getting papers back on time, and could be better about replying to emails faster though. Because he wasn't good about getting our work back to us, a lot of us had a lot of existential dread over our grades. I would recommend him overall.