Nassime Chida

Jan 2021

Nassime was probably my favorite instructor in my first semester of college. She is kind, understanding, very open to feedback, and really loves the texts. At times I felt Lit Hum was my most challenging course, but talking to her was always helpful and reassuring during those moments--by the way, go to her office hours!!! Great time to have your questions answered and talk to a kind, fun person. There are some comments here on CULPA about how specific the writing style she asks for is. Although it is indeed specific and takes time to understand, I promise it's worth it. I'm a Physics major and have always struggled to interpret art in general. After doing so much close reading with Nassime, I feel as if a new instinct had been implanted in my mind. When I read a book now, I start to unveil otherwise hidden connections. Her emphasis on the importance of evidence pays off: text interpretation went, for me, from a seemingly magical power to an evidence-based exercise. On top of that, her grading isn't harsh, so you should worry too much about her demands. Eventually, you'll get it. If you get Nassime as your instructor, celebrate! You'll meet an amazing individual and your experience with Lit Hum will be as good as what we must expect from Core classes.

Dec 2020

Overall, Nassime is a very kind and understanding professor, so even though I didn't love how she did everything, I got through the class fine and with a good grade. So if the below things don't sound like your teaching style, you might want to switch out, but if you can't or are on the fence, you'll probably be totally fine. Some of the things I didn't like that led to me not being as engaged in the class was that the discussions were very teacher-led. She made comments between each student, which prevented us from being able to respond to other students fluidly. This also made participating kind of stressful at times because she had an organized perception about how the conversation should go and if you weren't going in that direction, she'd bring the discussion back in. A few times I even felt like my comments were being shut down because I didn't have enough evidence, which intimidated me a little bit and discouraged me from participating (which I know wasn't intentional, but definitely had an impact on my participation for the rest of the term). She is also especially specific about the writing style of our papers, but her instructions and feedback are confusing so I wasn't been able to get the hang of it. Overall she's a great person and some people really like her as a teacher but I wasn't feeling it.

Dec 2020

took way too long to get around to writing this, but nassime is easily one of the best professors i've ever had at columbia. in the spring semester where everyone got sent home because of covid, she took the time to offer different discussion sections for groups of people in similar time zones and offered short pre-recorded lectures for everyone to watch before their discussion time. in class, she was able to take anyone's contributions and further push the discussion of the texts and her office hours and class were both very illuminating. highly recommend.

Aug 2020

Okay, it took me a long time to get around to writing this review, and I've had mixed feelings about this class for a long time, but the bottom line is NASSIME IS ONE OF IF NOT THE BEST TEACHING GRADUATE STUDENTS AT COLUMBIA. I was initially turned off from her class by the intense requirement for real discussion and also her proclivity for what I'll call "School of Resentment" critiques of Western culture and literature, ie. from the lenses of marginalized minorities, and taking many class discussions into the realm of identity politics. However, I see after completing the class that this is firstly a massively important lens of interpretation to have a handle over and that the methods of close reading, structural analysis, etc that were taught in the class through these critiques are totally indispensable in the humanities. I think her best quote from that class, that I will probably misquote and recycle for the rest of my life was something along the lines of this: "This class should not just teach you the texts, or the interpretations. It is my hope that after you leave this class or even this school that you are able to enter into any room and any conversation, and able to understand and seize control of the narrative there fluidly." Also, just an awesome and loving teacher cares a lot about her students but is unafraid to challenge students in discussion occasionally if she thinks you can take it.

Jan 2020

Love her so much she puts so much effort into teaching and is clearly brilliant. Also very invested in students' success and getting to know us all individually and helping us all get something out of the class.

May 2019

Deserves a gold nugget and not that terrible review left by someone that probably just did badly. One of Columbia's hidden gems.

May 2019

Nassime is truly the best Lithum professor I could have asked for. Not only did she actually teach me how to close read and write an analytical essay, but she made class interesting, is the most approachable professor I had all year, is hella accessible, and goes out of her way to help. You will actually learn to read and write (you'd be surprised that you may not have known how bc lol I didnt). She gives helpful comments (albeit a lot). She's also a Dante Scholar so you will enjoy reading Inferno with her. The only bad review on here HAS to be from someone that got a grade they didn't like and couldn't handle that. Nassime is an awesome instructor and so fair in grading.

May 2019

She's the literal best Lithum professor I could have asked for. She actually teaches how to close read and leaves helpful (albeit a lot) comments on papers. She's super accessible and will always be available to answer your questions. She identifies meaning in the texts that you never even noticed or considered (even if you've read it) and helps you do the same. She's a Dante scholar and just got her PhD so you're going to love reading Inferno with her. The one bad review on here HAS to be from someone who got a bad grade and couldn't handle it because Nassime is a wonderful instructor and fair in her grading. I wouldn't take this class with anyone else.

Mar 2019

worst professor I have taken a class with. DO NOT TAKE lit hum with her. She pretends to care about her students but she is not understanding when it comes to actual work.

Dec 2018

Nassime is one of the best instructors out there! She is very enthusiastic about the texts of the course and it is quite evident during class. She also enjoyed sharing her wealth of knowledge on the texts with us that thoroughly improved the classroom experience. She is very understanding and very accessible out of class, so if you are worried about having to take this class she will be there to support you!

Aug 2017

Do. NOT. Take. This. Professor. I was duped into taking her by the previous reviews and statements from students who had her for the first semester. However, she is not a good professor. She's a great person who is trying very hard, but she expected the students who just joined her class for the second semester to already know how to write the way she liked. She did not take the time nor did she understand that the students who just joined had different professors who taught/did things differently. She expected you to already know how things were done. All of the students agreed that she was very relaxed, lenient, and chill 1st semester but did a complete 180 for second semester. She was a very harsh grader when I had her for just 2nd semester and wanted you to write the viewpoint that she agreed with. She did work with students on their overall grades and helped you when you needed it, however she consistently contradicted herself on the things she wanted you to address in your essay, papers, etc. She would say include or address these things to one student but tell another student those same things weren't necessary. We all ended up being confused on what she wanted. In terms of discussion in class, they were mainly just her lecturing instead of us discussing. She would also often focus the entire class on something irrelevant to the material. For example, one class we were stuck on discussing what the word law and rules meant and then somehow got into politics. Most of the time we would focus on how certain words were interpreted but she would not tie it back to the book, so it was useless and a waste of time. She's very passionate and is doing her thesis on Dante which is helpful once you read that book, but her passion is for naught since she can't teach. If you can switch, SWITCH! Don't make the same mistake I and many others did.

Feb 2017

Couldn't have asked for a better lit hum experience. By far the best professor I've had!! Nassime is so passionate about what she is teaching that it is hard not to get excited while engaging in class discussions. She made me fall in love with literature and reading.

Jan 2017

tons of great feedback on essays. really really nice and relatable and passionate and funny. not an easy grader but very fair.

Dec 2016

Nassime is one of the best Lit Hum teachers out there. She is able to lead discussion in an engaging, interesting way. Say goodbye to boring Lit Hum classes and hello to Nassime Chris!!!

Nov 2014

She is a really good teacher! I have never been one to understand grammar, but she helped me a lot! I recommend her!

Nov 2014

Professor for Italian 1001, decent professor overall. She's relatively kind and understanding. Energetic in class. She's also relatively relate-able, and isn't intimidating at all. It would be nice if she actually had some type of formalized office hours. She prepared us well for the exams that the department made, although it definitely requires a lot of studying outside of class(I would say that it's at least 5 hours of studying, at most maybe about 10 or 15 per week). If you've already taken some Italian in high school, or know a couple other romance languages, this class will be easier for you.