Guy Cohen

May 2019

Guy Cohen, the professor of your dreams. What a nice guy. Let me tell ya. Haven't done math in a. minute and was terrified to fill my QR. This man made it easy. Easy homework, lecture slides posted in advance, easy textbook, and the best part? EXAMS MULTIPLE CHOICE OPEN BOOK OPEN NOTES OPEN COURSEWORKS AND HE MADE US A CHEATSHEET SUMMARIZING EACH CHAPTER OF THE TEXTBOOK TO BRING ALSO don't think twice, take this class and fill your QR with ease

Dec 2016

This course starts out really basic. If you have some common sense, and/or know the differences between: a sample and a population, discrete and continuous data, and surveys, observational studies, and randomized experiments, then you can skip the first eight lectures. Then the class suddenly kicks into high gear with hypothesis testing, normal curves, confidence intervals etc. It's not really hard material but it took me a while to understand in which situation I would do which test, and why. Cohen is a really nice Guy, and really makes an effort to be helpful, but I found his slides and lectures to be more confusing than helpful. He was a career statistician, and understands the material inside-out, but does a poor job presenting it in a simple, coherent manner. We learned a modest amount of material overall, which could have meant a chill class if it'd been covered thoroughly and concisely. Instead it was scattered, confusing, and repetitive, and it wasn't until the end that I realized what fit where, and that I actually hadn't learned much. This class is probably easier if you skip consistently. I made the mistake of attending every class. Fortunately Cohen is a very fair grader, and the exams are open notes. The two projects are very straightforward. If you're looking for a skippable class that gives you the basics, go for it.

May 2015

I admire Mr. Cohen's friendly demeanor and vast knowledge that shines through from years as a statistician, but regret taking this course. I thought the class would be an easy A given the previous reviews. Despite scoring almost perfect on every assignment throughout the semester, I found myself vastly unprepared for Cohen's final, which was unlike anything we had done throughout the term.

Feb 2015

Pro's: NO ATTENDANCE! Puts all slides online open book open calculator open computer open errrrthang exam! you can give in the hw late, he's the kindest person cons: weekly hw (some q's have answers behind the book.. sad thing that I found out about this the last week but anyways) lectures are not that entertaining so not many students went, he merely reads the slides but as a stat professor what can he really do? responds to email pretty late inconsistent grading

Nov 2014

Great super cute old guy but tends to ramble during class about his adorable home life and wife rather than actual material. I found this class to be particularly easy since it did not need calc and I barely took math in high school. As an athlete I seriously enjoyed being able to skip whenever because you teach yourself the material from the book, his slides on Courseworks and homework - not the lecture. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a large lecture thats chill and not much work involved.

Nov 2014

Guy Cohen, professor for Introduction to Statistical Reasoning. Easy course overall, but difficult to follow the lecture at some times. He has power points and goes over what's on the powerpoints, although he generally went through his long slides too fast to actually take notes. Homework and tests are reasonable.