Patrick Luhan

Jul 2016

Professor Luhan was by far one of the best professors that I had during my first year at Barnard. He drastically helped me improve my writing. I believe that this is important because all of the students who attend Barnard have a high standard for their writing skills, but Professir Luhan pushes his students to attain more. He does not expect students to have read every single reading every single day and will give students a few passes if they have fallen ill. He is excellent at stimulating discussions and coming up with new activities for classes. Even though I had to wake up at 8am to attend this class, I enjoyed doing so.

Nov 2014

Patrick gets kind of nervous at times and sometimes can't answer your questions (tells you to interpret it yourself), however he is a sweet guy at heart. He isn't a harsh grader, but he does edit your papers to help you improve. Overall, it was an ALRIGHT class, very boring though. There are no "summaries" of the texts during class, just discussion based and OUR views on them.