Emma Hamilton

Nov 2014

This class is very neutral. Professor Hamilton isn't a bad professor, I just wouldnt say there is anything too special about her. The class is about an hour and half and is primarily discussion based. That being said, your discussions revolve around one person: Professor Hamilton. While in discussion, you will not discuss amongst other students rather be completely led by Prof. Hamilton which makes for a very slow and dry class. This is not a class in which you will do an excessive amount of reading, most nights would take me only a half hour to read the assigned pages. Grade Breakdown: -Papers are averaged, meaning your draft, yes DRAFT, is averaged with your final paper -Research paper component that does not receive a true draft grade, however, you cannot get a score higher than one letter grade above your draft. -Small participation grade My biggest problem with this class is the grading. If you are a type of person who procrastinates, this class wouldn't be for you. Because your drafts are averaged with your final paper score, you will end up with a mediocre grade even if you do a stellar job on your final paper. She loves papers that cater to HER writing style and believes that the best papers are ones that are structured in a very high-school level way. Overall: You will survive if you have this class. If you want her to like you, make sure you speak up in class and show that you actually read the material.