Danielle Sussan

May 2021

Sussan is an absolute sweetheart. She made her lessons incredibly engaging and fun even over zoom. She was totally understanding of how students' first priority might not be school given the times we are in and because of this she dropped our lowest quiz grade so we would not have to stress. She also was understanding about being flexible with when to offer quizzes and never made us take them on zoom with her watching or anything weird like that. She was an amazing professor and I feel like I learned so much that she is the reason I'm going to take more psych classes in the future!

Dec 2020

I found her to be an incredibly patient and laid back lab instructor, perfect for students who are new to laboratory courses. I have heard people complain that she structures her class and teaches similarly to a highschool class, but I think that is a strength as her class doesn't need to be intimidatingly challenging to be impactful. Especially for psych students that need labs for their major, but don't plan on going into further research in the hard sciences. Her labs are a good compliment to the lectures and help solidify the concepts taught in lecture. She's really funny and approachable, would highly recommend taking her labs.

Jun 2017

Sussan is the best! She genuinely cares about her students and doesn't want them to be too stressed. This class has a lot of seemingly pointless work on the syllabus and Sussan completely understands that and is reasonable about the class. She's approachable and gives great feedback. If you're deciding who to take for Psych, take her!!!

Dec 2016

10/10 would recommend. Sussan is like my favorite professor at Barnard, I've had her for 2 semesters now and she's great. The workload is reasonable, the tests are straightforward and her lectures are super engaging and funny.

Dec 2016

Professor Sussan is one of the best professors at Barnard. She cares a lot about her students and her main goal is for them to succeed. If she could give an A to every student she would. The subject matter is interesting and she teaches it in a very clear manner. You should definitely take her class. You're guaranteed to learn a lot without any frustration and a rough workload. If you study for the tests you will be fine.

Dec 2016

Danielle Sussan is one of the greatest lab instructors at Barnard College. Honestly, the perception course (not taught by her) is horrible so the lab was the only redeeming factor. The truth is that it is a very outdated lab and really needs some retouching but because of her approachability, excitement about the material and friendly disposition, the lab wasn't too bad at all. She wanted us all to get A's, made that really clear and actively tried to ensure that this happened. She is also extremely accommodating, something not often seen in lab instructors. Overall, not the best lab but one of the best instructors!

May 2016

Professor Sussan is THE BEST!!!!!! She was apparently a high school teacher before coming to Barnard, so she really knows how to explain concepts so that everyone understands. She walks you thoroughly the different sections of a psych paper step-by-step, helps each group with their final project, responds to questions over email, and honestly tells you what to write in each report. Overall, she's a really great professor/person to be around! As psych labs go at Barnard, I think this was a particularly good experience. I can't say that I learned much about stats or research design, but it was completely do-able and (as I said before) Professor Sussan is awesome.

Dec 2014

Sussan is a capable teacher. She runs this class like a standard lecture with PowerPoint slides. She is helpful and responds to emails generally quickly. The course material is not difficult, and the slides are posted on CourseWorks. Towards the end of the semester, she has students sign up for discussions in which students form groups to discuss a certain topic. The group leader is in charge of leading the discussion and providing articles related to the topic for the group members to discuss. The group leader has to write a 5-6 page paper discussing the articles and the results of the discussion. Everyone else has to write a paragraph summarizing and analyzing the discussion of the day. All in all, everyone has to be a group leader at some point and everyone has to be part of a discussion quite a few times. My only complaint is that sometimes, the wording of the exams are not very clear. Frequently, there will be repeated questions or jumbled answer choices or ambiguous wording. Sussan will clarify these ambiguities, though. Overall, this was a very interesting class led by a competent teacher. Also not time-consuming at all.