Molly Pulda

Apr 2016

Literally the most AMAZING professor ever. She made me fall in love with essay writing, and english as a whole. She was sarcastic, and very straight to the point, but SUCH a sweetheart. She explained exactly what I did wrong, and how I could correct it, and gave me something to go off of, instead of giving the stereotypical answer of "analyze the text, and really try to see what it means". I never missed a class, because I enjoyed going to every single one. It was an amazing class, where we would talk about anything and everything for a few moments before getting into the readings. She never, ever mocked any interpretation of the reading, and did not make you feel inadequate at all. She admits to the fact that she may not know everything, and instead wants us to analyze the text together. The workload was definitely manageable, and while I read most of the assigned readings, you could get by in class by just skimming through them and getting the main idea because you always had a chance to analyze them in class.