Emily Bloom

May 2016

Avoid class like plague. The professor prefers the students who feign interest in the texts to those who want to engage with them deeply. Even though participation "doesn't count," if you want a good grade, come to class with witty, simple statements about the texts. The students whom the professor showed a clear bias for were using SparkNotes during class. The entire class is structured around a "gotcha" system, where Bloom asks basic questions about plot, then scorns wrong answers as if she's sure the student responding hasn't read the text. The professor does not like intellectually-engaging, complex, (if roughly-formed,) thoughts. The course is little more than a superficial survey of some of Bloom's favorite authors. The discussion posts are worthless; the majority of posts are filled with students gushing about just how much they loved the text and how cool the authors were, which is the kind of superficial understanding Bloom is looking for. The professor cannot distinguish between a high school English course and a college one. She thinks a paper should be "persuasive," but shouldn't "attempt to prove something." That is, she wants students to use overly complex, flowery language to describe the texts in ornate detail, but does not want them to assert strong claims and back those claims up with relevant evidence. The quintessential example of a class where you will do well if you digest the professors lies and repeat them back to them. At best, the class teaches students to distinguish between the words "Modern" and "Contemporary." At worst, it is an absolute mockery to the authors studied.

Apr 2016

Emily was wonderful in class. She encouraged discussion really well and always provided really thoughtful commentary herself. A bit of a tough grader sometimes, but always gave great feedback and I felt like she wanted us to do well rather than just being mean with her grading. The class itself was great. Books read included: Fahrenheit 451, Lolita, The Bluest Eye, July's People, The Satanic Verses, and Fun Home. We talked a lot about censorship in general as well as the tough themes of these books. Would definitely recommend!