Van C Tran

May 2015

Professor Tran is amazing, and genuinely cares about teaching and his students. He's funny, engaging, and really, genuinely wants his students to not only succeed in his class, but to also enjoy the assigments and the course material. This is especially important for a methods course, where the material can be dry (and at times, it was, even for Tran). That having been said, the course was not an easy one, even if Tran wants you to succeed. The assignments are time-consuming and can seem a bit daunting or tedious at times, but you find ways to make them work. The readings started off as monstrous, with easily 150-200 pages of reading per week, but when he realized that the amount of reading he was assigning was unrealistic, he showed up at the next lecture with revised syllabi with fewer readings on them. Again, he really cares about his students. In a class of ~50, he managed to learn everyone's name (or, at the least the names of the people who showed up), and also read (but did not grade, that was the TAs' job) all of our assignments, and even remembered some of the observations we made and talked about them during class. If you can, take a class with Professor Tran. He'll make you want to care about the material as much as he does.

Dec 2014

Just want to start off saying that Van is a great professor. He is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, and yet so relatable! He covers the topics so thoroughly and chose readings that were genuinely interesting. Although, they were tedious, ranged from 2 chapters to half an entire book weekly, I was able to read them all (or at least skim through some). He will tell you his thoughts and opinions straight and honestly, which to some may seem a little abrasive but in actuality he is just a nice guy. I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. That said the discussions were at times dry and repetitive, going over the general themes of the readings took up majority of the class time.