Paula C Harper

Dec 2017

I didn't know squat about music, so inherently suffered when trying to memorize terminology, but Paula really made the class fun and encouraged any opinions on the musical pieces. Would HIGHLY recommend taking Music Hum with her, especially in the summer (for us non-music folk). Plus, she brings cookies!

Jan 2015

Paula is a wonderful Music Hum teacher! If you're lucky enough to get into her section, don't switch out because Paula makes Music Hum fun, engaging, and clear. The highlights of the semester include in-class guest performers (her graduate student friends), baked goods, fun YouTube videos, and a unique off-campus music experience/obligation. Paula knows her stuff about music and will definitely show you a good time throughout the semester.

Dec 2014

Paula taught music humanities for the first time this fall and was absolutely incredible. She understands that the core forces us to do things with breadth over depth but to make everything more interesting she only goes through one or two pieces of music each class to allow for enough depth to have fun with each topic. Her enthusiasm was what made the class the easiest to deal with, and when she wasn't particularly enthusiastic about a specific topic she made sure to bring in one of her musically inclined friends that was (she couldn't play the piano for our Romatic Piano class, so she brought in a friend who was obsessed with and could play Debussy beautifully, for example). It was also great that she was able to combine her enthusiasm for the music with some critical discussion about why we study the Western Canon and old white men in general, which I don't think can be ignored when you're teaching a class like this.