James Steichen

Dec 2014

Professor Steichen is great! This was his first semester teaching Music Hum (and first semester teaching at Columbia), but he did an awesome job teaching it and is a really fair grader. His background (I believe a PhD in Musicology) in academia definitely showed in how much he is interested and cares about this subject (which I think can be difficult in a class full of non-music majors. He really catered to the fact that a lot of us in the class had little or no background in studying/analyzing music, in that he was flexible about paper and discussion topics and was totally okay with us incorporating perspectives from other disciplines in our analyses of music. He also gave us some super interesting readings that took psychoanalytic, disability studies, and feminist perspectives on the music we were discussing. This made the music material a lot more accessible to those of us with little background in the subject area. His past teaching experience (which I think was at Princeton) really showed -- he is always well-prepared for class and great at responding to emails. His class was an overall very valuable experience. Definitely take Music Hum with him if you can!!