Mariana-Cecilia Velazquez

Dec 2017

Mariana is a great professor. I had this course as an 840 but she was really into the subject material and very animated for so early in the morning. She is very nice and eager to help out. Also I would consider her a pretty generous grader, although there is far more writing for this course than there was for my Hispanic Cultures 2 class. I would recommend Mariana's course to anyone.

Apr 2016

Mariana is one of the most fantastic professors I've ever had. Mariana’s classes have made me a better writer, and not just in Spanish. Her teaching style very much encourages you to crystallize your thoughts and express them in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. Her classes are some of the few that taught me to be a better student, and not just within the context of the class material. She is extremely dedicated to the growth of her students and continually makes herself available to talk after class, meet in person, and answer emails. Mariana's classes are FUN. I can't image how much preparation goes into her curriculum, because her group discussions and exercises never stopped impressing me. She really wants you to engage with the class material and dig deep into it by asking good questions.