Eric Raymer

Sep 2017

I loved Professor Raymer. He was an amazing physics teacher, so caring, patient.

Apr 2017

Overall a good discussion leader to have for fro sci! Thank god, actually. That class was unbearable. Eric's very friendly and will literally guide you through the homeworks in his office hours to make sure you get the right answers. He clearly cares about his students and the course material. At times, the class activities were a bit dumb and a waste of time, but I assume that's how it was for every section. The only unique thing about this section is an extra essay you have to write about a topic of your own choice. It's not really a big deal, though. As long as you do your research, the essay is mostly just summarizing what you've found. After collecting all my online research, I wrote the essay drunk the night before and got a 100. What a great professor.

Dec 2014

While I personally did not appreciate the general concept of Frontiers of Science as a class, Eric made the discussion portion bearable and even interesting at times. Eric usually plans lessons that are directly related to the lecture material, and prepares PowerPoints to present the information. We often worked in small groups to complete small activities/worksheets related to the class material. I appreciated that Eric was clearly passionate about the course material, very approachable and available for office hours, and fairly flexible in terms of handing in late work (for the weekly homework assignments).