Gillian Turner

Jul 2017

I had Gillian Turner (now Gillian Turner Young) for the summer session of Masterpieces of Western Art. While she is kind and will allow you to hand in assignments late, she is a harsh grader, and her feedback is anything but helpful. She will assign a descriptive paper, grade it, and state what she wants in the research paper. When you follow her advice on the research paper, she will criticize you for following her recommendations. She criticized students for being too theoretical on the descriptive papers, so when they submitted factual research papers, the students' grades suffered. Likewise, she warned students about being too factual on their descriptive papers, so when they wrote their research papers based on theory, she lowered their grades. If she is going to offer feedback, then she should not be wishy-washy with what she wants. She needs to make her directions clear. Clarity is important for students! Honesty and ethical standards should be a standard for professors to uphold. When I asked her with other students about the descriptive paper grade, she told us not to worry as she gave nobody a grade higher than a B+. Later, a student showed us that she received an A from the professor. While I appreciate art, I was not a fan of her style of modern art. Nude women dancing with animals and in paint is not something I enjoyed. Professor Young had trouble understanding historical facts and figures, and our class had to teach her. For instance, she had no idea who John the Baptist was, even though he appeared in several art paintings. I would never expect a professor to know everything, but he or she is teaching about a historical era of art and the specific people in the paintings, and the professor has taught classes before in art history, then I would expect the professor to come into class prepared to teach accurate material. Professor Turner also seemed to have obvious favorites in her classroom. She advised me to speak more often during class sessions. I constantly had my hand raised, yet she was slow to call on me. Also, my voice is not loud like other students. Vocal ranges should have nothing to do with class participation grades. We took two field trips, which were mostly enjoyable, except our class was told to be quiet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art because of her. She made us converge in separate groups to discuss art groups, so the discussions were an understandable distraction to art visitors. The class was three hours, and Professor Young showed herself not to be a leader in the classroom. The class went off topic many times, and she had problems getting the class on topic again, so when the class did get back on track, we were often released late. Pros: -Modern art if you're interested in the topic. -Field trips to two art museums plus one art museum on your own time. -You can hand in assignments late, but if you are a diligent student and turn in your assignment on time, your grade won't be any better. -She is easy to speak to if you have questions, though her answers impacted my grade negatively. -If you are her pet, that could be beneficial to you. Cons: -Harsh grader -Unhelpful feedback -Won't call on you and will criticize you for not participating in class but will call on her favorites (unless you are her pet!) -Time consuming papers -She's a Teaching Assistant (TA), not a true professor, and her inexperience is evident in the classroom. -Proven to be dishonest about her grading system -You might get out of class well after the 4:10 deadline -Disorganized class discussions

Jan 2015

She was great for Art Hum. Very accommodating and kind. Her specialty is modern art so expect more focus on the new rather than the old.