Alexander S. Lloyd

Jan 2015

Dr. Lloyd is a really, really kind person. I would say that if you have to take FroSci, he really tried to make it as painless as possible. He was a delightful teacher and generous grader who was genuinely interested in teaching the course well and frequently asked our class for feedback on how he was doing. None of this is to imply that I enjoyed the class--I think there were some people in my course who took it way too seriously, but personally I felt all the usual complaints with the course load (the material was rushed, explained only at the surface level, the seminar dragged on at nearly 2 hours). I would say that, shockingly, there are a few units from FroSci that I really do remember and feel that I can say I got something out of. I would attribute this to Dr. Lloyd's patience and kindness, and also the fact that I attended office hours at least once a month to make sure that I got solid marks on the homework. Some other sections had weekly writing or monthly assignments, but the only real project we did was to write a scientific abstract and present a poster project at the end of the course. Not completely time consuming and terrible! Dr. Lloyd also offers a ton of extra credit opportunities. I am not a math/science person at all and I'm ashamed to say that FroSci was not as easy-breezy for me as it was for some of my classmates, but I finished up with an A nonetheless. Definitely stay in his section if that's where you were assigned.