Eugene Gorsky

Jan 2015

I took Gorsky first semester and overall he is a good teacher. He does not go too in depth into calculus (he stops around using integration to find volume of simple figures) and for the concepts he does cover, he focuses on you knowing the concepts and not doing extremely difficult problems. His accent is a little difficult to understand initially but you will soon get the hang of it. If you have taken Calc AB or BC in high school, this class should be a breeze, but I can imagine people who have no experience in Calculus having a little trouble with some of the concepts, but because he does not go too in depth any difficulties you have can be solved by using google or simply asking him a question. As for grading, he is more than fair. Each exam has extra credit so you can score above a 100, and if you hand in the online homework early you also get 5 extra points on it. The class is an easy A if you keep up and go to class and make sure you understand all the concepts.