Paolomi Uday Merchant

Feb 2015

Dr. Merchant, despite her best efforts to the contrary, is one of the most bewilderingly inept and boring teachers (if she can even be called that) to grace this university. She is totally oblivious to the potential for banality of the Frontiers of Science curriculum, and does her best to drag students down mentally and quash any interest they might begin to develop. In addition to the weekly FroSci homework assignment, she requires an additional piece of homework every week, which is normally a pointless writeup on the reading for that week. In addition, she holds regular quizzes and her section activities are truly truly awful. She doesn't display any motivation to make the course interesting, and often appears to simply be going through the motions. Don't make the mistake of not trying to switch out of her section - a semester with her is a truly horrendous 'educational' (if it can be called that...) experience.