Neil Ullman

Apr 2015

For a class on quality control, it is tragically ironic how poor this one was. Ullman is well-intentioned, but possibly one of the worst lecturers here. He makes mistakes often, is scatterbrained and jumps to topics haphazardly, and has no idea how to set expectations of the class. He probably will not be back to teach the next rotation, but it constantly amazes me who this university will hire. I learned nothing regarding quality control, except how to plug in numbers into an excel sheet and spit back esoteric jargon that was never put into context or made significant. It was all quite the dead-end. He doesn't use slides, which is probably why his lectures are so roundabout and twisted. It is also the reason why we are constantly trailing the syllabus, as he revises the schedule so much that it loses all significance.