Eric Blanchard

Apr 2015

I. Love. This. Class. No, seriously. Eric Blanchard is the man. I mean, yes he makes small stupid jokes in class, but everyone laughs and actually enjoys him. i don't see him being disorganized at all; before class, he basically outlines the major points of the class on the board in headings and bullet points and goes through each one clearly. The review for the exams was so comprehensive. Now onto the course material. This class is really incredible. The course material explores the various roles of women across the globe, from the more obvious domestic roles to the not-so-obvious public sphere and warrior roles. The best aspect of the class is that you study things that are severely understudied, material you likely would not encounter in other classes. It also gives you a whole new framework with which to view injustice. Yes, there are a lot of readings and you get out of the class what you put into it, but the work is absolutely nothing even close to unmanageable. You also don't have to do ALL of them in depth, but they really are interesting if this is what you want to study. He also only gives you one of his own writings, which is a rarity. He encourages discussion and debate in class and forces you to think about the concepts. Also, his midterm and final are so clearly defined; he gives you 20 possible IDs that will be on the exam and picks 5. The essay questions are so open that its really impossible not to have anything to write about. Tells you exactly what elements he wants to see in the responses and does not try to trick you at all. The grading, however, is a bit harsh. Yes, he takes attendance. Yes, you have to go to lecture. But you get to take a great class with a genuinely nice and good humored dude! Take this class if you are interested in global politics, human rights, and women's issues!