Suzanne Charnick

Dec 2017

Condescending, rude, sexist. Overhead saying that the lab runs late because girls work in it, and if boys were in the lab the lab would ended earlier. Unnecessarily disrespectful, mean, monotonous. Tells you everything that you do “wrong,” but never have i heard any positive feedback from her. If you ask her a question, majority of the times her response will be “I do not understand what you are talking about” in the MOST CONDESCENDING TONE EVER. Would lose her shit over the simplest of things and sometimes would be outrightedly wrong but you cannot even explain yourself as she cuts you off and pushes her point of view down your throat. Made me and other students feel like absolute shit

May 2015

It is with great disdain that I write this review. You don't really have a choice about taking this class. So, the issue is how best to cope. Issues with the course: Too many topics covered in very little depth Insane problem sets with hundreds of problems summing up each unit (not necessarily helpful) Powerpoint lectures with many mistakes in them, and contain tons of extraneous information No formula sheets for exams. The final therefore means memorizing hundreds of formulas and being able to "free-recall" on command. Issues with the professor: Charnick is rude and condescending. Naturally, that makes her unapproachable. I cannot emphasize this enough. She assigned a problem set due the Monday of finals. Makes her exams way too long for a 50 minute period. Absolutely no time to check over work. You will most definitely run out of time taking one of her exams. Sorry. Very poor handwriting and talks in monotone...very poor note delivery on the board. Can't explain the material properly! The point: yes, you will have to teach this course to yourself. It's unfortunate, but what can you do. The BC chemistry sequence, which I think is wonderful, (Rojas and Magyar were great) leaves a lot to be desired with this course.