Carrie Lynn Cushman

Sep 2015

I took this class last fall and really enjoyed it overall. Carrie is a nice lady and is really passionate about teaching. Not much work for the class. There's a weekly visual analysis which is quite simple and is graded extremely leniently. One midterm, one paper, and one final project. I think she was a bit harder on the grading of the paper, so just a head's up. Carrie really takes the time to explain things and even added extra sections about Japanese art which I found really interesting. As long as you participate in class and put effort into your work you should be fine! Just take the paper and final projects seriously. Would recommend this class!

May 2015

Carrie is definitely young, optimistic, and full of energy - however, she seems to have pretty high expectations for this class. Granted, maybe high expectations is a good thing, but in art hum it became a bit tiresome. She knows the material well, and her lectures were fairly interesting - she brings in some Japanese/Asian art to complement the regular core syllabus since it's her area of expertise. Interesting class for the most part, but she really just lectured at us the whole semester and wasn't particularly great at prompting or mediating any sort of interesting discussion from the class.