Daniel Gulotta

May 2015

Professor Gulotta is awful. He seems like a well-intentioned guy, and he's very knowledgeable about the material (he's a grad student but actually already has a PhD in a related field), but he has the worst teaching style of anyone I have ever had. He spends all class writing the proofs form the book on the blackboard, and frequently would go the entire time with hardly two glances at the class. He has one of those droning voices that is just impossible to focus on too. The first day of class five of the sixteen people got up and left while he was lecturing, walking right past him, and he didn't even seem to notice. After a few weeks I approached him and told him I wouldn't be attending lectures anymore, and apologized saying that I just wasn't used to his teaching style and I hoped he wouldn't take it personally. His response was, "it's okay, a lot of students make that choice." His tests are killer. I got two low Fs and a D (which has never happened to me before, because I usually enjoy math and don't mind studying), but because of the curve those came out to A-, B+, and a B. The homework is incredibly challenging but very helpful, and if you can do it you will probably (with the curve) do fine on his tests. But before it comes to that I'd recommend just switching out. Ask any of the math tutors or other grad students, they'll tell you the same (and so they told me, when I finally came to them for help a month into the course, when it was too late).