Maeve Ann Sterbenz

Aug 2015

As a senior, I have taken courses with a myriad of professors. Maeve Sterbenz is the best humanities professor I’ve had thus far. She is very flexible with her office hours and gives everyone an ample amount of extra credit opportunities. Her 2 quizzes and 5-page concert paper are simple and straight-forward. In addition, she gives out quiz review sheets and even goes over them during class. Prior to the summer of 2015, I was hesitant to take summer classes. I was under the false impression that condensed summer classes would be much more rigorous than Fall/Spring Semester classes. She makes the class fun and smooth. Professor Sterbenz is a virtuoso who teaches with efficiency and charisma that is unparalleled. By the end of the course, you leave with an ‘A’ along with a new found interest in analyzing everything you listen to with more precision. After taking Professor Sterbenz’s class, I would highly recommend taking it with her.