Nina Sharma

Jan 2021

Best teacher I've had at Barnard so far! The class became such a tight-knit community because of her, and I'm so grateful I had her in my first semester of college. I looked forward to each class, and she really makes you think about what you're reading and writing about in a new way!

Dec 2020

Nina is the best professor ever. She is understanding, kind, and genuinely cares about her class's wellbeing. She uses the most interesting sources and no assignment is boring. Apart from great readings, she is just so amazing for essay conferences and will literally tell you exactly what to do, eg- the sentence you need to add somewhere. Her feedback was always specific and helpful which helped me so much. Her class did a great job at stimulating intellectual growth, while also an easy workload as long as you manage your time well. Most importantly, she is a kind person who is empathetic and willing to listen. The topic itself is so interesting, but the prof is really what makes this class so amazing. Overall, this is a great class, 10/10 recommend.

Apr 2020

One of the best professors I have ever had. Nina was my first year writing professor (Barnard)and she made each class experience comfort, laughter, and dedication. She is an incredibly fair grader and she truly cares that you understand mistakes and tracks your progress. I could not have asked for a better professor to help me with my writing skills. She also is incredibly accommodating and will give you extensions as long as you have a valid reason. Additionally, the work is incredibly fun (we went to a stand up comedy show, watch SNL during class, read Bossypants, etc.) which may not sound hard or rigorous, but the amount of analyzing and social/cultural aspects of comedy is great and well taken into account for this class. I have learned a lot and was also a pretty easy course if you take it seriously and submit your work on time. Would honestly take any course Nina teaches regardless of subject.

May 2016

Nina was terrific. She was so sweet and clearly cared about each and every one of us. I could tell she was kind of nervous for the first few weeks, but as the class became more comfortable with each other, she also became more comfortable with us. Her teaching style took some time getting used to because she would deflect a lot of questions back to the class, as well as try really hard to engage us early in the morning, but I liked it overall. She was very good about making handouts for every class, as well as keeping detailed notes on CourseWorks assignments and in PowerPoint lectures for each class. She also made herself very accessible in terms of office hours and assignment feedback. She was great about turning back assignments promptly and held us accountable for our work.

Sep 2015

She teaches UW Human Rights - sometimes too nice, but very intelligent and loving towards students. Best professor I've had.