Eliza Zingesser

May 2021

i don't know why she graded so harshly. way harsher than last semester. this was my worst class and it made me convinced I didn't know how to write, even though I did a lot better on my writing assignments for other classes. I have to admit, the discussions were pretty interesting. but I'm not too happy with the massive dent this class left on my GPA when other lithum professor give out A's like they're candy.

Apr 2021

you know when you don't fully chew a chip and when you swallow it a sharp piece scratches your throat and you think you're going to literally pass away? Eliza Zingesser is a human chip. This is easilyyyy the worst class I've taken since coming to Columbia. This course gave me panic attacks the night before every class. If Ben Schapiro decided to come to Columbia, this is the class I would highly recommend for him. Both of them are unpleasant, uncaring, and generally robotic. I literally cannot stress enough to run as far away from this professor as you can. If you have friends in this class, and you don't warn them, they're not your friend. And if you yourself are in this class... good luck charlie

Oct 2019

If you're a STEM student don't take this class! Eliza is a super inconsiderate Professor who doesn't care a bit about any problems you have. As a freshman, I found this class incredibly stressful and just wanted to kill myself because of her.

Sep 2019

Absolutely the most engaging intellectual experience I've had at Columbia was working with Prof. Zingesser. Deeply committed to developing close-reading and critical skills in her students, and genuinely accountable to their goals and ambitions in the class. Highly responsive to concerns, questions, and challenges in and outside the classroom. A fair, thoughtful grader -- unless you're fundamentally uninterested in improving your writing because your parents paid the rowing coach to get you into Columbia and you're unable to admit any need for improvement. She's generous with her time and recognizes the demands Lit Hum makes of students without condescending to them by diluting the syllabus or her expectations. Take her class. Teachers like her are the reason you're here.

Feb 2019

Horrible Professor

Dec 2018

The reason Columbia has a super high suicide rate is Professors like Eliza. Very stressful class. Eliza's a successful professor but she's inconsiderate and lacks the human touch you ought to expect from LitHum Professors

May 2018

Unless you are Eliza Zingesser, you probably will not enjoy this class. Readings are sometimes interesting, yet the discussion always centered on the least interesting aspects of them. She approaches literature like a robot, even sometimes making excel spreadsheets to 'analyze the data' in the text. During one class, we spent a good 20 minutes counting animal appearances in a text, without ever addressing the central themes. And she wondered why people weren't engaged in the discussion. She is a tough grader, and will give you zero help with your papers except shooting down whatever ideas you have come up with. She expects an esoteric thesis to your papers, ie one that says the text is making an argument totally unrelated to the central themes of the text, and paradoxically expects you to support your argument as well as a normal thesis. Would not at all recommend classes with Zingesser. You can do much better at Columbia.

Sep 2017

If you can, TAKE ELIZA'S CLASS!!! She makes lit hum actually fun and explores the interesting themes that most other professors just ignore (gender, sexuality, race, class, etc). You will definitely learn something in this class, even if you've already read some of the books before. I also loved that she gave us the option to read Frankenstein instead of Pride and Prejudice (it was easily the best book we read all semester and all my friends were suffering through reading p+p for about the 5th time instead). You can really tell that Eliza actually cares about her students. She is always willing to help you figure out your essay topics and challenges you to improve your writing and thinking, but she also goes out of her way to make sure students are getting the most out of the class (offering interesting field trips, asking our opinion on how we spend class time and what themes we discuss, etc). She is the kind of professor you came to Columbia for, so don't miss out on her class!

Apr 2016

Eliza is potentially the best professor I have ever had! Her classes are simply brilliant and the way she teaches Lit Hum is not only passionating but also very modern. She covers intersectionality, feminism, social class and sexuality in all of her classes and allows each student to participate to the conversation. If you are looking for a more than competent lit hum professor that will make you LOVE the core, she is the right choice!