Alexandre Roberts

May 2016

Professor Roberts is a very young guy who is incredibly passionate about his subject matter. His lectures, though, were a bit disorganized. To be completely honest, I stopped going to lecture after the 3rd week of class-- I got much more out of the discussion section. Overall, I found that this was my one class this semester that I could put on the back burner (read: ignore), and I still got an A... and I actually still learned a lot! The reading load and course load may seem a bit daunting-- but I rarely did the readings, including for discussion section. I typically skimmed the (ridiculously long) texts a few minutes before section and highlighted a few things to bring up (so that I fulfilled the participation req.) For the tests, I studied the important people/events/locations that Professor Roberts details on a review sheet. I was nervous going into the midterm, considering I stopped going to class, but ended up getting a 96 on it (and no, that is NOT typical for me, ha..) I did have to do a bit of Googling/Wikipedia-ing in order to make sure that I wasn't missing anything significant. I probably spent a few hours the night before cramming for both the midterm and final and ended up killing both of them. Essays-- same deal as tests. I did all of my research online, and considering that the essay is so short (4-6 pages), it was pretty easy to develop a paper. Remember, this is an intro level class! :) **TL;DR -- I never went to class or did the readings. I crammed before every test. The questions for the essays are all Google researchable. EASY A. Still learned a lot!