Stephen Harris

May 2016

Rejoice if you have him for FroSci because he is the man. Out of all the FroSci teachers, he may very well be the most chill, and thats saying a lot because a lot of them are pretty chill. He's honestly just a really nice guy, and his grading is really easy: he gives you 100% on participation, homework, and attendance as long as you actually do your homework and come to class most of the time. He also grades the midterm and exam pretty easy. He's gives very good answers to any questions, and if you are having trouble in the course you can go to his office hours and he makes sure you understand the concepts. Even if he doesn't know the physics part of the course that well, he always makes sure your questions get answered no matter what. He also teaches to the exam, which in FroSci is kind of what you want. He tells you all of the homework questions that are relevant to the exam and doesn't waste time on concepts that don't matter. One of the nicest guys who has taught me at Columbia, and he makes the activities fun because he wants everyone to have a good time in class.