Bonnie Kim

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Apr 2007

Snarky could sum up her personality, but as a teacher, Professor Kim (she really does not look like a Bonnie) does deserve credit for actually explaining the texts we had to read. Though she would ask vague questions on some important element, which we would guess at (not knowing exactly what she was asking) until someone gets it right or she sighs tragically and tells us the answer. Her analysis is usually insightful, but I suspect she is merely parroting the ideas of her professors. Really hardly a discussion at all, and it was impossible to find her during office hours, because either she just never bothered to keep them or arbitrarily changed them while cleverly forgetting to tell any of her students. Oh, and also, she made it embarrassingly obvious which students she favored.

Jan 2005

Bonnie is an extremely intelligent T.A. who really cares about her students. The class itself is difficult (all that reading, so much material to cover), but I thought she wrapped it up nicely in weekly discussion sections. She is focused on Korea, but this makes up for a lack of Korean coverage in the course as a whole. After the first draft of our papers, she came down on us hard, but lets get real. Almost half the section turned it in late, and nobody bothered to use MLA--she should expect more from us. Overall, I thought she was a well-spoken, knowledgable, and one of the very best T.A.s.

Dec 2004

Don't be fool by her own disheveled appearance, when it comes to her students, this TA expects perfection. Nevermind the 9:30am recitation time, if you are not participating she will not hesitate to put you on the spot. Being a Korean speicalist, she's not shy about expressing Korean pride, this is perfectly fine except that she attempts to cram so much info into the lectures she gives throughout the semester that it almost becomes incomprehensible rant. And if there's one thing you must remember it is the term paper, she will be ruthless in criticizing it, resulting to not so discretely referring to a student, and being a group of 9, it's not too hard to figure out who it is. If you take heed of the above and stay out of her way you may have an enjoyable experience.