Sabrina Jhanwar

Jan 2021

She has been one of the most accommodating professors during the coronavirus pandemic. Professor Jhanwar is also always available for office hours and is eager to help any students in need. This course was super manageable, especially as an intro course. It could be boring at times, but is still very comprehensive. Every topic is also taught through PowerPoint slides so don't expect an extremely exciting lecture. That being said, it does help students weed out what is the most useful information. I found that I didn't need to read the textbook and just referred to the slides while studying.

Nov 2020

If you are not a STEM person (but need to fulfill the science requirement) and are looking for a super easy A, TAKE THIS CLASS. This class is so manageable and easy. Professor Jhanwar is very nice and the material is presented in an organized way. Her lectures are all done via powerpoint (and she basically just reads off the slides), which I really liked. The class can get boring, but overall the material is interesting and not overly science-y at all. I definitely learned a lot. I never read the textbook because Prof. Jhanwar always sent out review slides before each exam with all the information we would be tested on. If you study it and memorize all the terms on the slides, you'll easily get a A on each exam. This class is pretty much purely about memorization. If you are good at memorizing and want to learn more about psychology or simply need to fulfill the science requirement, I would highly recommend Prof. Jhanwar's section.

Jan 2020

Not terribly engaging to say the least, but exams are really easy. You are not tested on anything in the readings not mentioned in class. Work is really only before exams since psychology as a subject requires memorization, and there is quite a bit given it's a comprehensive exam. Jhanwar is a nice person and professor, but tends to read off lecture slides.

Dec 2017

in simple terms, this is a helpful but very easy class. I realized that people who actually attended class dwindled every week, until I myself did not attend class. There's no attendance grade so nothing really happens, but I would rather study the material independently and wait until the Review for the exam comes out and study from there. This is not to say there's no work! I personally did read some of the chapters in the book because I found them really helpful, and there will be quite a bit of cramming, Sometimes you will ask a question in class and the Professor will repeat whatever was on the slide, so you'll need to look for it yourself, this is not to say that Jhanwar isn't a lovely and kind person, she is and she's available for office hours for extra help as well.

Jun 2017

This class is incredibly boring. It's a large lecture of Jhanwar mostly just reading from the slides. The only work are two midterms and a final that are multiple choice and not cumulative. If you took AP Psych, this is essentially a repeat of that class. Professor Jhanwar started every class late and always ended early, which was great, but shows you how little we did in class other than read the slides. It's not that she's a horrible teacher, she's just very mediocre.

Apr 2017

This was one of the easiest classes I have ever taken. That being said, Professor Jhanwar is very sweet and creates very straightforward PowerPoints that you can turn into flashcards for studying purposes. I rented the textbook but never even opened it, since all the material covered on the tests are in the PowerPoints - I found it helpful to attend lecture and did not have to study very much because I paid attention in class. All the exams are multiple choice with VERY brief short-answer questions at the end and non-cumulative. Personally enjoyed the material, but had covered a lot of it from IB SL psych. She is always willing to patiently answer questions (even the dumb ones) and lectures rarely ran for the full 75 minutes. Would recommend if looking to knock out a requirement or for an elective GPA booster.

May 2016

This class is not hard. I did none of the reading, went to maybe a third of the lectures (during which I would do other work or scroll around on Facebook), and got an A in the class. That being said, this class is terribly boring, and I didn't learn anything. If you really just need to take psychology to fill a requirement or get some easy credits, this is the class for you, but if you care at ALL about learning about psychology, take a different professor.